The Village of Glenview has received the Tree City U.S.A. award every year since 1984.

The Village manages and maintains more than 30,000 trees throughout its parkways and municipal properties. Managing this urban forest requires a clear understanding of the trees, their ages, conditions and location so that crews can perform work.

Glenview Public Works is responsible for the planting, maintenance and removal of trees located along public roads and rights-of-way. Parkway tree planting by the Village is done in the spring and fall each year. Each public tree is inspected at least once every six years by a licensed arborist.

Contact the Public Works Department at (847) 724-1700 for more information.

Tree Planting Incentive Program

Buckthorn Removal Incentive Program

Parkway Tree Maintenance

Parkway Tree Planting

Tree Removal Permit

Heritage Trees

Important Tree Resources

Looking up into a tree canopy

The Village takes our tree canopy, sustainability and the environment seriously. Here are some good resources to help you make sure you can always see the forest and the trees.