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 My Glenview Property Search

The Village of Glenview offers "My Glenview Property Search," a detailed property search where you can find your refuse and recycling pickup dates, school district, zoning and more. 

To begin searching, please enter an address. For best results, leave off street posttypes (such as Ct, St, and Rd), then add a comma and Glenview. For example: 1225 Waukegan, Glenview

These maps will help you find your way, your day and more information about where you live:

Glenview is divided among several other governmental districts. Use these maps to determine your federal, state and Cook County representative districts:

Village of Glenview maps for printing (size up to 36-inches-by-48-inches)

Maps have also been made available in Adobe’s PDF format for printing and free to the public. You can view the maps below using Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader software (available for download here).

Village of Glenview Map with Street Index - Base map showing roads, parks, schools and public facilities. This map can also be purchased for $7 at Village Hall.

FEMA flood insurance rate map data

To download FEMA data, click this link and go to the FEMA_NFHL_v3.0.kmz file link.


Contact the Village GIS division here.