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December 5, 2017


  • Adopted a budget for the fiscal year January 1-December 31, 2018.
  • Gave final approval to the 2017 property tax levy ordinance, which calls for a 2017 extended levy for the Village of $12,447,810, representing a 2.62 percent, or $318,334 increase compared to the Village's 2016 final extended levy. The increase is primarily attributable to a $250,000 increase in the levy plus $58,709 for the equalized assessed valuation (EAV) of new construction and newly annexed property for the 2016 tax year. This $250,000 increase is to be dedicated to the Capital Improvement Program to partially address the funding gap between dedicated funding sources and infrastructure needs. Additionally, the Glenview Public Library is proposing a 2017 levy of $8,450,445 for additional property coming onto the tax rolls, reflecting an increase of 0.31 percent compared to the Library's 2016 final extended levy. The ordinance will be on the December 5 Board agenda for final consideration.
  • Gave final approval to the 2017 Property Tax Abatement Ordinances totaling $7,525,772, of which about 85 percent is related to redevelopment of The Glen. After the effect of abatements and the loss provision added by Cook County, the 2017 Proposed Extended Levy for the Village would generate $20,898,255, a 1.68-percent increase from the 2016 tax year. The ordinances will be on the December 5 Board agenda for final consideration.
  • Gave final approval to amending the Glenview Municipal Code to change the Class K Liquor License requirements of craft brewers, to allow a brewery that operates a restaurant onsite or has a relationship with a restaurant within 500 feet where the ordering and payment transactions takes place onsite to have the same hours as a Class B Liquor License (standard restaurants); and to allow special events during normal business hours if the event is no louder than normal operations.
  • Gave final approval to a conditional use for Ten-Ninety Brewing, 1015-1025 Waukegan Road, to allow the operation of a restaurant use within a tenant space comprised of greater than 5,000 square feet in the D-D Downtown Development District.
  • Gave final approval to adopt ordinances to amend the Glenview Municipal Code to amend fees charged by the Village including changes which:
    • Deletes the requirement for electrical, sub-contractor and plumbing contractors to obtain a contractor's license, and substitutes a demolition contractor fee of $35;
    • Increases to $50 the fee for demolition permits;
    • Increases the fee for permits passed on to the Cook County Recorder of Deeds that require a hold harmless agreement to $38;
    • Increases the re-inspection fee to $150 if an inspection is failed three consecutive times;
    • Increases fees for sanitary sewer and storm sewer inspections and site development inspections to $50 to reflect the current cost;
    • Increases the penalty for work initiated without a permit to cover subsequent inspection costs;
    • Increases by 3 percent ambulance transport rates for residents, non-residents, and per-mile transport fees;
    • Increases the fixed water charge to $6.80 per 1,000 gallons and increases to $9.74 for 1,000 gallons the water consumption charge for most residential customers, which allows the Village to recover more of the total revenue from the fixed component of the water rate. The 2018 annual bill increase for residential water is expected to be between $27.46 and $131.74, depending on a customer's usage.
    • Increases the fixed sanitary sewer charge to $1.37 per 1,000 gallons and increases the consumption charge to $1.37 per 1,000 gallons for most residential customers. The 2018 annual bill increase for residential sewer is expected to be between $1.36 and $7.48, depending on a customer's usage.
  • Preliminarily approved an ordinance granting a rezoning to P-1 Public Lands District from R-1 Residential District and an official map amendment to incorporate the proposed zoning change to the property at 4111 Kennicott Lane, owned by the Glenview Park District adjacent to The Grove.
  • Authorized execution of a supplemental statement of work to the GIS Consortium Service Provider contract with Municipal GIS Partners Inc. of Des Plaines to continue providing New World application support for the Glenview Public Safety Support Services and contracted Joint Dispatch agencies in 2018 for $140,691.
  • Authorized three-year contracts with Krause Electrical Contractors Inc. of Zion; C. Surek Electrical Inc. of Burr Ridge; and Lyons Electrical Company of La Grange to perform routine or emergency maintenance or repairs at municipal facilities on an as-needed basis; and authorized spending authority for up to a total $78,000 in 2018.
  • Authorized execution of an intergovernmental agreement with the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways to award funding to the Village of Glenview, which is the lead agency for the Skokie Valley Trail project, for $188,000, as part of the Invest in Cook County grant program. The Village's cost share is $25,500 for an engineering study of the 3.9-mile segment of the proposed multi-use trail from the northernmost border of Northfield to the south side of Old Orchard Road, the last segment of the trail to be constructed.
  • Waived the Village's rule to adopt on first reading an ordinance declaring a 2007 ambulance as surplus property to facilitate its sale for at least $15,000.
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