The Village of Glenview

Police Department

The Police Department has three operational divisions: Patrol, Traffic and Investigations.  These operational divisions are supported by the department’s Support Services Division as well as the village’s Joint Dispatch and Public Safety Support Services divisions, all of which are located in the Glenview Municipal Center at 2500 East Lake Avenue. 

To contact the department in an emergency, call 911.  In a non-emergency, call (847) 729-5000.

Mission statement

It is the mission  of the Glenview Police Department to protect life and property, to enforce state laws and local ordinances, and to provide services and assistance to the residents and visitors of Glenview in a professional and courteous manner. It is also the responsibility of the Police Department to work cooperatively with other Village departments to support the goals of the Glenview Village Board and enhance the quality of life within the community.

Staff contacts


William Fitzpatrick
Chief of Police
Oversees operations and support services 


Stefan Johnson
Deputy Chief of Police
Oversees patrol, traffic, investigations and animal control

Support Services

Dave Sostak
Oversees evidence, planning/inspectional support, training, public service officers,  technical support, equipment and parking enforcement, as well as coordination with the Joint Dispatch and Public Safety Support Services divisions 

Criminal Investigations

Jason Saikin
Oversees the Detective Bureau, evidence collection and police social services​​

Careers with the department

If the department requires new officers, it will establish an eligibility list.  Here are the eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a resident of  and legally authority to work in the United States
  • Must be between 21 and  34 years of age on April 16, 2016 (exceptions for active military personnel and previous police experience per 65 ILCS 5/10-2.1-6)
  • High school diploma or equivalent high school education
  • Good moral character and possess temperate habits
  • Be of sound mind and health, and physically able to perform the essential functions of a police officer, including correctable​ vision to 20/30
  • Certification of having passes the Peace Officer Wellness Evaluation Report (POWER) test through a certified testing agency -- POWER test card must be issued with six months prior to the written examination (valid if issued between October 16, 2015 and April 16, 2016)
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Valid Illinois Firearms Owner Identification (FOID) card by time of hire
  • $25 non-refundable application fee

The initial examination process will consist of traditional police officer examination, which will assess job-related cognitive abilities, personality characteristics and behavioral traits. An applicant does not need to have any law enforcement experience, training or knowledge to successfully complete the examination.

Applicants are given a position on the list based on cumulative scores taken from graded portions of the application process. Applicants will be evaluated based on:   

  • Written exam
  • Pre-Employment Assessment Center (PEAC) and polygraph exam          
  • Background investigation and agency interview
  • Fire and Police Commission oral interview
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Pre-employment medical evaluation with drug screening

​​​Glenview Police Department Social Media Policy


The Glenview Police Department (GPD) established a Facebook , Twitter and Nextdoor  page, with the intent to use these social media sites to better communicate with the public. The Glenview Police Department and its officer are the sole administrators of these sites.

like-us-on-facebook-button.png"Like" the Village of Glenview Police Department Facebook page for updates!

The social media policy includes Terms of Use, Prohibited Content and a Disclaimer.​

Terms of Use:

As a communication tool, the Glenview Police Department will use its Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor page to raise awareness among the Village of Glenview and its residents, businesses and visitors. Follower and fans of the page can access current events as well as public safety news and information that may affect the Village of Glenview and surrounding areas.

Social media sites allow the Glenview Police Department to share information with the general public. The Glenview Police Department shall use Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor page to post news releases, photos, videos, up to date and important public safety information, including but not limited to Amber Alerts, information about criminal activity, road closures, power outages and other emergency announcements.

Prohibited Content:

The intended purpose of the Glenview Police Department's social media sites are to serve as a form of communication between the police department and the community. Therefore, information, posts and comments containing any of the following content shall not be allowed and will be removed from the site.​

  • Profane language or content
  • Content that promotes, fosters or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, marital status, familiar status, national origin, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, source of income or other protected status under applicable law
  • Inappropriate sexual content or links to such content
  • Solicitations of commerce
  • Conduct or encouragement of illegal activity
  • Private and confidential information
  • Information that may compromise the safety and/or security of the public or public systems

The Glenview Police Department disclaims any and all responsibility and liability for any material or content that is deemed inappropriate. The Glenview Police Department shall make efforts to remove said matter in an expeditious or otherwise timely manner, but disclaims liability if circumstances exist that prevent or hinder efforts to remove said materials.


The Glenview Police Department does not endorse, support or sponsor any advertising that may be posted by the Social Media host (Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor) on the department's website. Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor page are privately owned and operated sites and privacy terms of each respective site apply.

​​GPD does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any third-party links.

GPD reserves the right to remove any content or comment that is prohibited by this social media policy.​​​