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Proposed Temporary Moratorium on Downtown Development

On May 28, 2020, the Village of Glenview Board of Trustees directed the Plan Commission to consider a temporary moratorium on new downtown development. The temporary moratorium is expected to apply to new downtown development that has yet to receive Village development approvals. The Plan Commission will hold a public hearing on the temporary moratorium on June 23, 2020 at 7 p.m. 

Information related to the Board meeting at which direction on the moratorium was provided can be found by following this link:

Information, including the staff report, will be available upon the posting of the Plan Commission's meeting agenda via this link:

Due to the pending temporary moratorium, the Village will not be processing applications for new downtown development until the Village Board votes on the moratorium ordinance.  This vote is expected to occur in July. The temporary hold on downtown development applications is intended to provide property owners, applicants, and interested parties clarity regarding the Village standards and criteria that apply to their development proposals. Individuals interested in downtown development are invited to participate in the June 23 Plan Commission hearing and the subsequent Village Board meeting(s). 

Questions concerning the temporary moratorium should be directed to Jeff Rogers, Planning Division Manager at (847) 904-4308 or


The Planning Division assists with the review of proposed land uses and development projects in order to ensure compatibility with the Village's Comprehensive Plan. The division assists in implementing major planning initiatives, such as corridor and special area studies. The Planning Division processes petitions for annexations, rezoning, site plan reviews, subdivisions, aesthetics, variations, and conditional use permits, while providing excellence in service and applying innovative planning techniques to support Village residents, businesses, and commissions in navigating the regulatory review process. The Planning Division also provides staff support for the following Commissions:

Planning process

Clicking on the link below will display a flowchart that illustrates the steps involved in the Village of Glenview's planning process.

Development meetings

A development meeting is an informal initial step in the overall planning process. Any interested party can schedule a meeting with staff to discuss a proposed development or improvement of property within the Village of Glenview. A development meeting is required prior to the filing of any application for site plan review, annexation, subdivision, rezoning or planned development. 

What should I bring?

Bring a plat of survey, concept plans or your development ideas so that they can be discussed. 

Who will attend?

Village staff members representing the Planning and Inspectional Services Divisions will provide input and be available to answer any procedural, zoning, permitting, engineering or infrastructure questions. It is recommended that the developer invite all members of their development team with whom staff will interact on the particular project (including entitlements coordinators, architects, engineers, landscape architects, consultants, etc.). 

What will be discussed?

Staff will provide information regarding the development process within the Village of Glenview and will be available during this time to answer any questions that you may have regarding the feasibility of your proposal. 

Does Staff recommend approval to Commissions?

Village staff do not make recommendations to the New Development or Development Adjustments Commission regarding approval or denial of your proposal, but act as a source of information and guidance for interested parties throughout the process. 

How do I schedule a development meeting?

​To schedule a development meeting, contact Tony Repp, Senior Planner, at (847) 904-4309.



Chapter 18 of the Village of Glenview Municipal Code requires that all properties be complete lots of record before any new building permits will be issued. The Final subdivision process can involve the consolidation of existing lots/parcels into a new single lot of record or the division of existing lots/parcels into multiple new lots of record. Often times, easements are granted and public right-of-way is dedicated through this process. The subdivision of property can also trigger expenses relating to the installation of outstanding/missing public improvements including roadway pavement, sidewalks, curb & gutter, and parkway trees.

State of Illinois Licensed Professional Land Surveyors should reference the following additional information:

  1. Subdivision Plat Guidelines
  2. State of Illinois Plat Act (765 ILCS 205)
  3. Village of Glenview Municipal Code Chapter 66: Subdivisions
  4. Village of Glenview Engineering Standards Manual: Section IV. Plats
  5. FEMA Map Service Center
  6. School and park donations

Historic preservation applications

Click here to access the Development Review Application​

Awning Application

Historic preservation applications