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The Village of Glenview offers Community Portal, a detailed property search where you can find your garbage pickup dates, polling locations for voting, school district, zoning, property tax information, and more!

To begin searching, please enter an address then click 'GO'.
For example: 2500 East Lake Ave

 Village GIS

​Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a computer-based tool that is offered to Glenview residents. GIS is more than a simple mapping tool, it is a web-based interface that allows residents and village staff to efficiently access and analyze community data.

Glenview has been a member of the GIS Consortium since 2006. The GIS Consortium is an organization of 34 communities that share resources, information, staffing and technology so that municipalities can optimize the value of GIS.

Community Reference Maps/Village%20Map%20Images/Basemap.gif
>Street Index
/Pages/VillageMaps.aspx#CoRrMaIn page navigation
>Available Sites
>Major Developments
/Pages/VillageMaps.aspx#DEVIn page navigation
Government and Schools/Village%20Map%20Images/Capitol.gif
>Cook County
>IL House District
>IL State District
>School Districts
/Pages/VillageMaps.aspx#GASIn page navigation
>Downtown Metra Station
>The Glen Metra Station
>All Commuter Lots
/Pages/VillageMaps.aspx#PARIn page navigation
>Gallery Park
>Bike Routes
>Green Infrastructure
>Heritage Trees
/Pages/VillageMaps.aspx#RecreationIn page navigation
Public Services/Village%20Map%20Images/Public%Services.gif
>Garbage Collection
>Street Maintenance
>Sanitary Districts
>Snow Removal
/Pages/VillageMaps.aspx#PuSaIn page navigation

 Community Reference Maps

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