The Village of Glenview

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Glen Census

We count on you

Residents of The Glen annually are asked to participate in the Tax Increment Financing District (TIF) Census. The information allows the Village to accurately distribute "make-whole" payments to school districts 30, 34 and 225, the Glenview Park District, the Glenview Public Library and the Village of Glenview, which serve The Glen while it is being redeveloped on the site of the former Glenview Naval Air Station.

Census survey forms have been mailed to residents of The Glen so that the Village of Glenview can calculate the population of the development. Get the information back to the Village in any  of these ways:

  • Mail the form directly to  the Village of Glenview in the included pre-stamped, self-addressed envelope
  •  Complete your response ​by clicking the button below


The census will help determine the interim impact of The Glen on the local governmental bodies while the Tax Increment Financing District is in place. Property taxes collected on Glen properties annually through the life of the TIF are the primary source for retiring infrastructure- and development-related debt.

Once the census is complete, calculations based on the population and student counts within The Glen will be made, which determine the amount of "make-whole" payments that will be redistributed by the Village from the TIF.

If the census forms aren't received by July 1, a census-taker will visit Glen residences. The Village hopes to have all responses by August 1 to be counted in the census.

Results of previous census reports can be found here.​​​